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Password,s, summer's end, & ramblings?

Suey fussed about having to have so many passwords below. In a week with a new cell phone, which means a new WiFi password, plus passwords for the rmsil account with Verizon, plus a couple for stuff like Dropbkx, for moving pictures and such, I have to agree.

I have a list of passwords hidden pretty well in my office, but the ding-dang things have to get longer and more complicated every time you turn around ( Use numbers , capital letters, etc., etc.) I am this () close to opting out of the cyber world, at least for money purposes. We would starve without amazon, though!

Just finished a planting pass here at Jenna's, more carrots, collards turnips, leeks and kale. Hoping the stand will look better than my last planting...the winter squash look great, but the roots are iffy at best. maybe I am expecting too much too soon, though.

Helper came by and talked a few minutes. He had cleaned up trash and junk yesterday, has one set of porch railings left to paint next door. We can start moving back towards the kitchen fixup here at Jenna's.

I have decided to do the prep ahead of the tile's arrival. Hope this does not turn out to be a mistake, but I make thise all the time!

I think next trip, I will be picking up the plywood and Hardee backer, plus pretty, shiny new sink. We will have to move all the cabinet top canisters and appliances, plus the drawers and at least top base cabinet shelf contents out for a good while. I shoukd move the tea cabinet and the small table full of Depression glass, too. We have the kitchen next door, if the cows all finish calving and we get to eat here, in the meantime. Asked him if we can start here next week. He is good to go!

In the meantime, today is, according to our weatheman in Raleigh," the last warm day of summer". That means the crib shed roof painting can begin, so between the inside cabinet job and outside roof job, we will be getting a good bit done this next month.

There is a fair amount of planting of landscaping stuff coming in to do, too. Starting to get shipping confirmation emails. After frost, we can pull out dead vines and start installing the drips for the roses, too. i am thinking late October for that. Meanwhile, I pulled back the black plastic again today, to let that section mellow out a bit for planting next week. Only one more section after that

The last warm is going to be about 15 degrees cooler, starting tomorrow, then cooler still the days in the forecast after that. Mike has the new fescue planted, and it has gotten plenty of rain to come up. Calves showing up pretty regularly far, 4 bulls to one lone heifer, though! More to sell, less to breed!

Helper was just stopping by, because son had called him to ride to Richmond. His art work is being picked up for wider sales now, which was music to my ears.

Trying to work out some issues in relationships lately, and having what I feel is little success, so I needed some good news. I am trying as hard as I can, but haven't felt anything but a hard heart on the other side of this divide.

After you have apologized to someone, how much more do you have to do, to satisfy them? I have about reached my limit!

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Re: Password,s, summer's end, & ramblings?

Oh my.. passwords..   I give up!!   I can't remember all of them.  And I hate how they all have to be different lengths and have a capital, number, and symbol..  and shame on me if I try to reset to a PW I've used before! ..  ugh..


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