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Honored Advisor

Peace and psychic message

My best friend gave me a gift coupon for a reading by her own psychic advisor a while back. I sent the coupon and my photo, plus birthdate, by mail, then they called and made a telephone appointment for the reading.

While I do hold some peculiar beliefs about energy and spiritual matters, sort pf a mishmash of Eastern and Western concepts, I had never thought about consulting a psychic on my own. We had the reading Thursday morning, and it was a very interesting experience.

I know that anyone can find out.a lot about us from the Internet, but not this much. I took a lot of notes, which is recommended, and taped the reading, which is also a good idea, if you want to consult the content later on. I was given both near and long term input, and it was overall very encouraging.

I had to run out on errands right at the conclusion and walked back in to the credit card theft when I got home, so I hope to look back at the notes today, while I have some peace. I expect that these notes will be like a favorite book or movie, which shows something new every time you read or watch it.

The one thing I do know for sure, the need for peace that was brought up in the reading is crucial to me right now. It is as though I hate to pick up the phone, open the mailbox or hit " receive" for email, these days.
I had a very disruptive phone call before finishing my coffee yesterday morning. Then, Mike brought in an envelope from the sheriff's office right after lunch. Not my theft report...summons for jury duty. Not that I object to the civic duty, but I have a civil (property) case of my own coming up this month, so do not know if that will create a conflict or not. Have tom wait and ask counsel, after our date is set in a hearing on Tuesday.

It is funny how many details the psychic brought up that only clicked in my mind as I went through the day, or told Mike about ti later that evening at supper. Names come as letters, and several made no sense, on the spot, but were co pletely obvious in retrospect. I know this can be construed as the mind making the prophecy true, but she was right on point with four names that I think no one could have discovered in any easy manner.

Good news on everyone's health. Sort of verified by our recent physicals....
The long view was interesting...that we had thought about selling this farm, but that it was not going to happen. Instead, we will be adding a " fifth" thing. Hmm mm.....

Tons of things got brought up, and i will, according to my friend, be recognizing a lot ofthe reading in ensuing days, weeks and
months. Time will tell.

I considered the appoitn,net worth an hour of my time. At worst, it was a form of entertain, best, another tool for figuring out what I am doing here. Probably somewhere in between....

Made me wonder this morning: Anyioneelse ever have a psychic reading, and did you find it at all useful in helping you focus?
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