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Ped egg

Yup got me one of those...and boy does it work!!!  My dried out winter feet would snag in the sheets all night long...used it two days now and my feet feel and look great!!!   Now to get DH to use it on his!



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Re: Ped egg

Glad the gadget works for you.  Nothing worse than rough, cracked feet. 

My favorite pedi-tools are a couple of Microplane ones I got off of amazon.  Very similar to the ped-egg I guess, but one is a paddle and the other a sort of rounded one with a cup that catches the filings.  I tend to find the paddle easier to use, especially on my heels.  My pedicurist uses an actual kitchen Microplane grater...or at least it looks just like the one I use for cheese and such. 

Use some nice foot creme after you smooth them down, and he told me to always wear socks around the house.  I never thought about it, but he explained that the rugs actually make your skin worse.  He said walking around barefoot on carpets is like giving yourself rug burn all the time. 

I started to follow this advice a couple of months ago, and the difference is really noticeable.  I almost never go barefoot in the house anymore. 

Enjoy that nice soft footsie-feeling! 

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Re: Ped egg

I also use the ped egg and love it. Its always fun to buy something that really works. Our local TV news does a deal or dud, for the things you see on TV. THey also gave this a deal.

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