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Re: People who THRIVE on DRAMA !!

Your family is very lucky to have you, level headed & sensible.  Don't know what happened to my post I wrote but it never showed here.  As you folks here know my mom drives me wild sometimes and I try to really engrave these episodes in my brain as "how not to act".  Nothing stops me faster than when DH says "you're acting like your mother".  Sad but true.  As much as we'd like our parents/family to be role models they are human & sometimes not role models.


Another note on this.  I always remember my MIL fondly but when we went out with DH's brother & wife Sat. she commented to me that her DH is getting more like his mother who she saw as a negative personality instead of like his dad, who I loved but saw different side that she didn't.   

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Re: People who THRIVE on DRAMA !!

Linda, we have to realize tht everyone sees another person through the lens of their own perspective. How my three children regard/ed my mother so differently was a perfect example ofbtht. She dotes on male offspring, and lets the females sort of fend forvthemselves. Consqpequently, my son thinks she us nearly perfect, the girls not nearly so much....

The hypocrisy thing stuck in my mind bpvery early in life. People who basically ran the church as lay leaders, but had feet of clay up to their hips.

I mostly never understood why they would treat a complete stranger better than their own immediate family. That just does not compute for me.

You are decidedly not like your mother, although younprobably cannotbhelp but mirror her model at times. I think we all do that, don't you?

I tried to be perfect, since mine was/ is so OCD, it is pitiful. It fnally exahusted me a few years ago, and I just gave up trying anymore. If she can't handle that, thatbis on her, not me, for her failure to acept thatI do the best I can to be a good and decent person.

Their issue is really all about gaining attention. Wo,en of their generation got so many kpmixed messages...first, to be Suzy Homemaker, then to step out into the workforce.

The trend is back towards the homefront now, and blogging about it is the new coping strategy. Wonder how our lives would have been different, if our parents' generation hadn't felt that societal pressure to send Mom to work away from home? How woild that have changed our children's lives, too?
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