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People who can remember EVERYTHING

Did anyone see the 60 Minutes segment last night on a rare condition that enables a very small number of people to remember everthing that they have ever experienced?  It was very interesting.  These people can recall details about any date you give them.  Just say, "May 14, 2004" for example and they will tell you the day of the week it was and give you details about what happened that day.


I thought it was interesting that they said it was just like they could reach right into their memories and relive the day as if they were right there.  One of the people who has this unusual ability is actress Mary Lou Henner from the sit com Taxi.


One person said that when they recall days in which they had sad or heartbreaking events they feel all of the same emotions exactly has they experienced them that day.  Most people have a built in defense mechanism to  kind of block out the emotional part of any bad memories but these people don't.  On the other hand, pleasant memories bring back all of those associated emotions which would be kind of neat. 


Like any thing in life, it seems that this condition is a double edged sword.  Would any of you like to have this unusual ability?  I say, the past is the past and there is a reason it is in the past.  How about you?  Do you think you would like to have this abiity?