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Phone scammers?

Is it just us, or when you are in your house during daylight hours ( during Winn's naptime here), does your phone ring constantly with scammer calls? I swear, I had four in ten minutes just now.

Two were the same guy, claiming to be " Windows support". Even our slow and overworked local law enforcement has warned us against this one. I was trying to have an important conversation with our son on the cell phone at the same time,so honestly, I blistered the man. Both times. My son was laughing on the other line.

After I slammed the phone down the srcond time, it actually rang one ring a third time, then stopped. Right after that, Rachel for cardholder services called, too. It is relentless, and they have cloned local exchange numbers, so it looks like a legitimate local call.

If they claim to be a charity, I always make them disclose the percentage given to the cause. Fifyeen percent must be the minimum required by law, to claim charity status. That's the number I usually hear. What a joke!

I know it is best to hang up. Today, it just felt better to bless them out. How about you?
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Re: Phone scammers?

The windows person got a hold of my DH on his cell phone.    My husband had to admit for awhile he thought  the person was talking about  "house windows".    LOL.      Rachel  calling on my cell phone really ticks me off.     For awhile we had some  pharmacy from India calling trying to get my husband  Viagra.    "But,  we don't have scrip for  those little blue pilss".     "No problem  we'll have one of our Doctors write one".    That is illegal... plus I doubt if they would really be  Viagra.    

 I never respond to phone solicitations from ANY charity.   But,  I do ask them to repeat their  name again while I look it up in my Charity Navigator booklet.     Love to to tell them.   No way you rate a D or F!   Our internet comes through the phone line.   So we have to maintain a home phone.    If we ever get a better line/cable  we might be able watch Netflix and get some of the other online services.  

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