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Purple stuff and elbow grease

Started right around lunchtime today with de-greasing the concrete floor in the backroom/woodstove kitchen.  Mike vetoed my idea to put an exhaust fan out there two winters ago, since we "won't be cooking out there much anyway,":  He makes breakfast and supper out here every day, unless it is really hot outside, so he lost on that point in the debate after enough time passed. 

The next rationale for no fan was "it will ruin the draw of the stovepipe"  My point was that we had to try it to know for sure; but, we had put a tall enough chimney pipe up that we never get smoke inside, even on windy days. 

Even that did not really convince him we needed a fan to draw out his cooking fumes, but I finally got the boys to put one in anyway not too long ago.  When he rolled back a floor mat recently, we could see how really bad the floor had gotten.  I'd honestly been too busy to notice. 

So, today, I've been making buckets of hot water and purple stuff, and scrubbing like a naval recruit on the deck of an aircraft carrier.  It's taking several trips over this not-very-smooth concrete floor, and I can only work on a section at a time, since it gets very slick when wet, until the grease is scrubbed loose and then sopped up with the suds. 

I will have to get another gallon of purple stuff tmorrow to get the whole room and the divider wall clean enough.  Right now, some tinware and the old Folk Art  Pfaltzgraff I had on display out there are taking a trip through the dishwasher.  I can't wash the wall down yet, as it's cool enough here that he's been stoking the fire out there all day.  Hope to get that, the dog's clawfoot bathtub and the ancient sink done when it's warmer out tomorrow.  May start on the workbench before supper, though. 

I find myself thinking two things as I am out there pushing the mop:  1) An ounce of prevention is worth tons of avoided aggravation; and, 2) If men had to clean houses, they'd be able to stand up to 3000 psi from a pressure washer! 

Once in a while, I wish I could take a tool away from the farm, and put it to use in the house or yard.  This many-hour job would get over with in fifteen minutes, if I could hook up a hose and crank up a washer.  No wonder women's work is never done...we lack good implements!

At least I am consoled that with the exhaust fan in place now, this won't happen again.  What household job to you wish you could relelgate to people with better/bigger/faster equipment? 

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