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Q&A:You are so or how not?

Again, easy. I am not lucky in that I lost my Jenna. In everything else, I have led a pretty charmed life...definitely lucky in love!
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Re: Q&A:You are so or how not?

I say I'm lucky because I have 7 wonderful children.  They are really incredible people and I am so proud.

I would also say I'm pretty lucky that my life isn't a complete disaster.  I think I pretty much sleep-walked through a great deal of it, turning a blind eye and deaf ear to many many things.  But then maybe I'm lucky I did that or I might have undone some of what has made it the life I have.

I wouldn't say I'm lucky in the manner of good things just happen for me.  Known what seem to appear to be a few people like that.

But I'm lucky at being pretty good at making do and going forward with whatever I've been faced with.

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Re: Q&A:You are so or how not?

I have been thinking about this one and I am not lucky but I am very very blessed!