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I've been thinking about this and decided I'm not random with my money.  I'm very deliberate with what I do with it, and I decided that's not a bad thing, or a thing I need to change.

I've also decided my acts of kindness are usually very deliberate, but are also generous and without expectation of being returned.


About the most random things I think I've done is returning shopping carts, or getting shopping carts for someone who looks like they need a hand.  I've wiped off strangers head & tail lights that are covered with snow, picked up dropped items and returned them, held doors for young, old, male & female who needed 1 more hand than they had.  Fetched gas for stranded motorists.  Haha, I just remembered a really funny one, I was in a parking lot and a couple women were shrieking about a mouse under their car!  It hopped on their tire, I grabbed its tail and got it away from their car.  They were most appreciative, and I got a great story to tell!  Another time my sister & I were returning to my car after seeing a ballet.  3 older ladies were walking in the same direction.  A young man in a hoodie was standing by a building and as we all passed by he fell in behind the older ladies.  I could tell by their voices they were very nervous.  I nodded to my sister and we dropped back to walk beside the other ladies.  We started talking about the ballet, I got a good look at the man and he immediately cut across the street and went on a different way.  I don't know if we saved those ladies from having purses snatched, but I know we made them feel safer.  That may have changed the situation from a random act of violence to a random act of kindness.

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