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Rainy Monday morning

Started drizzling about dark last night, and rained all night. Just stpped out into the porch, to hear drops on the tin roof and leaves of the trees overhead. Truly cool and damp. Oh, would I sleep in, if not for Winn coming to work for the day!

Just stuck about fifty new plants in the ground at Jenna's Saturday and a few yesterday, first real dig of the year, do I sm a bit stiff and sore. Columbine, coreopsis, clematis, pinks, pincushion, and anemones...all the beds were weeded out last weekend, and the warmer week showed which perennials were hardy enough, and which were not. Still not warm enough to plant tender seedlings outside, though.

Made a short list of what else needs to be plugged in, which plants aren't happy where they are, and need to be moved. You can read the tags and follow the sun exposure directions to a T;but, sometimes, morning sun is better, or it has to be evening sun.

The Confederate jasmine is just looking butt ugly where it's set now...east side. Mine here on the west side is gorgeous. Same thing happened with the reblooming lilacs there last summer...moved them in the fall, and they like the new spot, are blooming now to thank me for thinking of it.

Maybe some plants aren't "morning people" either? I know you would have to stick my roots where I wouldn't be expected to bloom until afternoon. How about you:Are you a morning glory or a four o'clock?
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Re: Rainy Monday morning

All these weekly rains and now river flooding is making spring planting much delayed here. It is the opposite of last year's dry spring followed by the drought.

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