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Rainy afternoon + ripe fruit=

Canning fun!

I am not a big canning fanatic...have been and a got over it years ago. However, I did buy a neat cookbook a couple of years ago on " Small Batch Preserving". It has tons of very good recipes for chutneys, fruit butters, and stuff you don't see everyday.

Today's experiments were mango/ jalapeño chutney, and banana butter.

The chutney came a out from a box of mangos that we simply could not finish. It is supposed to be good on chicken and fish, sort of a Caribbean taste. I think after tasting it that it will be good on pork chops or roasted tenderloin, too.

Usually, extra banana go into banana nut bread, but we are trying to cut back on sweets, and Mike cannot control himself when that loaf is in the house. I had enough to make ree loaves of quick bread or onebaztch of this banana butter. We both love fruit butters on a warm biscuit or a grilled piece of Na' an bread.

I figured what the heck...if it isn't good, it was $. 1.38 in bananas, some sugar, and half a box of lids wasted. Worth a try.

I like these small batches, since heavy kettles of hot jelly and other preserves are hard enough to handle when you are young and strong. I can still swing it strength wise, but arthritis gives me a fit for days afterward if I lift too heavy an object anymore. Most I need today, except the water bath canner, was a 4 quart saucepan.

Mike gave the chutney a thumbs up, and we have started thinking of something good to try it out on soon. The banana butter is still too hot to sample. He pushed me out of the kitchen, to fix some chicken burritos for supper, so we may try it later.

Ended up with a dozen half- pints of new stuff to try, in place of a pile of fruit that was heading south soon. While things were boiling down, I looked a couple more recipes to try...and made a list of ingredients to pick up in town this week. I winged a couple od things today, and am hoping they will turn put okay in the finished product. At least I tried....

Anyone else like to make odd stuff for fun, or do you only stick with proven family favorites?

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