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Rainy day!

We are at almost three inches since Monday. Rainy off and on all day today.

This was a Legos and fingerpaints in the playroom kind of day. Winn left not long after lunch with his Mama, so we got away by early afternoon.

Mike was actually willing to deal with a license plate issue at the DMV that only he could handle. I got him there, and then by Lowe's for the ingredients for the greenhouse potting medium. Also, he has his big Grasshopper fixed now, so the tractor mower got hauled back to Jenna's shed, along with my chipper. Trying to get ready for fall planting ahead of time this year.

After we got to VA, he went out to cut a couple of trees out of the way on the approach to the big haybarn here. He says he's going to cut a little wood each morning we're here, before the heat of the day. I am thinking:ticks and chiggers will feast on him!

While he was out doing his thing, I pulled out an old guitar, tuned it up, and started my first "chord buddy" lesson. Saw this gadget on " Shark Tank", and since I've always dreamed of playing the guitar, decided to try it out. It actually works, at least as described...that you will be playing songs right away.

It ain't pretty, but I got through " Tom Dooley" and " Clementine", and started on " On Top of Old Smokey". The program has a pair of books and two very useful DVDs.

I sat here, singing and strumming, and suddenly realized that I had this big, stupid grin on my face! It has been a long time since I enjoyed something that much.

Doubt your will ever see me on the Grammys, but you might find me giving a porch concert someday.

Hope you guys got the weather you needed today. This was just what the doctor ordered here!

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