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Honored Advisor

Reading equipment manuals...

...on our tractor and baler tonight. The one for the mower-conditioner is coming. Looks like my habit of browsing back to front is coming in handy. I found some specs he was not seeing, somehow.

We drove up to the dealership today. Took them the check. Bought a handful of parts, got leadtimes for ordering net wrap for the baler. Very impressed with this dealer.

Looked over the two pieces Mike decided on, after the original look and see trip last Tuesday. The cutter/ conditioner came in on trade-in after our trip there last week. He bought it on the spot, Thirsday,exactly what we needed.

A different sized baler than the one we had first decided to buy turned up, and we ended up with exactly what we wanted there, too. Not brand-new stuff, but newer by over 20 years than any tractor we have on any farm now, and over forty years newer thsn our first one, which is still in service.

He is like a kid with the instructions to a whole new set of toys tonight. This is the fun part of farming, isn't it?