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Mike just pinned me in a corner, saying "You're right!"

So rarely happens, especially first thing in the morning. Had to wonder which of several of my wild ideas of late he was on - board with this time.

Turns out, I had said Sunday that we need to put an old frontend loader that's just been sitting onto our oldest tractor ( the used IH 756 we bought in 1975), which is being used in haying and path maintenance in VA. This so we can load hay with the newest tractor at my place, unload with that oldest one at his, where the cows live and the big hay barn stands.

Whoopee! Haven't lost my scavenging touch! This takes out a bottleneck, that was going to limit our bale size to what the little Kubota loader can lift. We can bump from 4x4 bales to the full 4x6 ones up there now. Saves a lot of handling, and should make feeding this winter quicker work.

On the heels of that evident stroke of genius, he also agreed that our RV needs to move to my farms, so we have a place to take a bathroom break, make a sandwich, etc. I am supposed to get it pulled up from the back of the big barn, to where we can reach the outlet on the storm shelter, so it can be cleaned up and made ready. Good job for Winn and me soon.

He is all for renting out the corner store. As I think about it in simple terms, that one thing would pay for all of our groceries. Got to give the guy a call later today or tonight.

We had bought all the stuff to drill our own well here in NC, for the employee's residence...his wife was apparently letting the five kids pkay in $$$ public water all day and night. What was sonetimes $125 a month wayer bill is back down to $25, now that she has left for Texas. I told him I want to do that on my unmined land in VA, where we need to set the RV, as our farm office there.

So, several things being re-purposed all at once. He's been finally getting on board with my push for repairs this year. I feel like we are cleaning up a lot of details. Trading in the motircycles for the Mule was the best thing we've done in ages. He is a lot more open to ideas, after that one turned out so well....

Do you come up with ideas to re-use things around the farm? It's become one of my main functions over time. If you have examples, please share...I am on a roll around here, would like to keep up the momentum.
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Re: Repurposing/repairing?

We've been salvaging a lot of tower legs and truss pipes from worn out center pivots for all sorts of projects. A pallet storage rack and a portable stairway for the new shop are a couple of the latest