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Mentioned this on the 365 Day Declutter discussion this morning, and decided to bring it here. I remember reading once that it takes 21 days to create a new habit.

I started that calendar of decluttering tasks, which are designed to take 15 minutes a day, right at New Year's. So far, we have done stuff like kitchen cabinets, pantry shelves, and the freezer and refrigerator. It was recommended that you make a binder, print out the calendar pages, and set up lists like daily routine chores.

I had a lot of FLYLady stuff already done, so that was pretty easy. The difference is that this set of materials adds the online community component. That really helps me stay active in the challenge, and motivated to see it through.

I made a second binder, for Jenna's house, and even with a total disaster like Friday's detour with that lawsuit being served on me, I am ahead of the game, ahead on my tax work, and making progress on things like my clothing storage snafus. Some really intractable clutter spots in this house are starting to disappear.

When I cast my mind back to my resolutions list, I am doing great with this one, so I am thinking decluttering is becoming a new, good habit. The restvof my resolutions are a mixed bag....

We have been staying at Jenna's enough to make my goal of 100 nights there this year, even with some periods when I know that will not be practical, like when the kids take their Disney cruise soon. I am really just looking for an average of eight nights a month for the whole year, and I have to be reasonable in my expectations. We still have to earn a living here.

Exercise has been a big screwup, with the equipment shopping days blowing my gym dates out of the water last week. Until then, I was doing okay. Really need to concentrate, and not get too far off-track.

Haven't filled in the days around gym times as well as I should have. Shame, shame...! I need to move those kettlebells more than for just dusting around them.

I have taken every supplement dose, except one night when I fell asleep before I could take the ones that help me sleep, and last Wednesday night, when I had to be awake enough to take daughter and Winn to catch the train. Pretty good compliance.

We have been eating on our plan...again, got off track last week on the road trip. We both had a Hardees Frisco Burger and fries. It was delicious, so we have to really toe the line, or be like drunks falling off the wagon. In truth, we stayed gone way longer than planned that say, so hadn't packed lunch for the trip. Just need to buckle back down there.

I ate a slice of sweet potato maple cheesecake wednesday night, too. I will not chastise myself for a slip-up that tasty.

Not too bad overall, I think...the exercise is the worst one, and I just need to be more motivated on my own days, without the trainer.

Pretty decent. How about your resolutions? Any of them kicking in, or have you kicked them to the curb?
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Re: Resolutions?

Kay, I'm sorry but my brain is absolutely fried from taxes & in no way can I get through a post of this length.  Maybe tomorrow.

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Re: Resolutions?

Sorry...trying to get my head straight to start the next yax steps, too. That lawsuit Friday has my brain running triple overtime.
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