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Honored Advisor

Results of health decisions....

...became pretty apparent today. Mike had insisted that I see a real MD, instead of nurse practitioners or a PA. The appointment with his doctor was this morning.

No wait...they actually took me early. I really liked him. We discussed the shingles vaccine, which I opted for, since I did have chickenpox and do occasionally have issues with fever blisters. He said this year's flu shot is now available, but when I said I like to give my immune system one thing to process at a time, he was very agreeable. We can get those together or anywhere that has a qualified pharmacist.

My BP was much better than the last time it was checked. My fasting sugar was only 115, which is great for a diabetic on no medication. I did the happy dance after the tech told me that one! All my labs were within normal or even better ranges. I guess these few months of discipline are paying off.

My weight has started moving down again, so I am just a week behind my goals, even with the detours I took in August...he said, "Watermelon!" Probably so, since I grew some nice ones, and Winn and I share one quite often.

After leaving the doctor's office, I grabbed some healthy groceries, came home and put them away, then headed for the gym. Made a new personal best distance on my cardio machine, then trained on squats and weights.

My knee is feeling so good, I even did side squats across the gym and back. Never could have done that without the changes we have put in place. I think it won't be long before I can do lunges...something to shoot for!

Great to hear a new physician say, " You look healthy!"

Still a journey ahead, but at least I feel well along the way....
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