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Not too many people at the new spot just north of the new arena in town around noon. Nine great vendors from all over the country plus Australia. Noticed that there was a vendor from Virginia, Johnson's I think. Kay, you're right, there is plenty of vinegar in their BBQ. However they also had the best coleslaw. That's the best part of the festival; get a taste from many spots in the country without hardly leaving home. Here's a little news about the event.


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Re: Ribfest

Sounds like a great event. Being a true Virginian, I do feel we have the best barbecue and slaw...sweet enough to offset the vinegar. It takes a while to find your own recipe...I just figured out my own this year!

Mike dies ribs with a sauce we get online called " Old Mule"...we use the spicier version, called " Old Mule With a Kick". It has molasses, I think. I have a new red cabbage slaw recipe to try out this weekend. Been too busy to get it done all week...
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