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Rolling in the rain!

The cover seems to be holding on this load, so we are motoring north in a steady downpour. One quick stop under a gas station canopy, to tighten a corner that was blowing up in the first five miles.

Texting son and our helper to give us a hand later today. We can handle all but the floor loom ourselves. That one takes real manpower. I begged Mike not to disassemble it, because it takes three people to reassemble.

Bug man appointment made for Friday, girls due Wednesday. I will spend a while childproofing at Jenna's, so they can stay there. We have planned for them to work on daughter's show shirt that night. I am set to dye an old white shirt with a stain on one shoulder black today. It has a silver stripe woven in, and that's going to resist the dye, then pop out really pretty.

I am promised that they will handle the rest. Also, washing up all my old towels for the glass shop, so the shirt can get prewashed in that load. I cannot remember the last time I dyed anything...keep your fingers crossed for this one, please!

A hundred things I want Mike to do today...hang curtain rod, turn screws in brackets for closet drawers, help me move supplies I am done with back to the garage, etc. Might send hm to the grocery store, too, so I can keep on working. He is a trooper, but I knkw when we are approaching the limits of his patience.

Nothing better to do with two raint days, but fix up a house and clean a couple more. Oh, he does have wine ready to bottle tomorrow...don't want to make him miss doing that!

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