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Sandwich gen.

Brought mom home from rehab on Monday afternoon.  Tuesday, yesterday, was a nightmare.  I had a gal hired two days a week at least to be there when she showers downstairs & does laundry.  When I called in the a.m. she was in a hurry to get her shower BEFORE help came and had an armfull of laundry on the stairs when I called.  I blew my stack after making all these arrangements.

Her medications were a job as I had them in the weekly container before she left and now they have some different ones in/out.


Had to run up there to meet with in home care nurse who backed me up.  But we both know it's a losing battle and mom was actually giving me daggers.  And she is all about getting her house picked up and not taking care of herself so we'll see how long she lasts.

Then as she is calling me telling me how tired she was, DIL called to see if I could pick up kids at school.  Our parish priest had fallen off the ladder (fractured shoulder, etc.) and wanted her opinion as a nurse.  She ended up taking him to ER & I ended up with kids for supper.  No problem other than I also had told mom I would bring her supper up and had to make two different meals.  Actually 3 counting their favorite leftover casserole I pulled out of the freezer to fill in.


Then at 11:30 p.m. DIL called to alert me that she got called into the hospital and the kids would be alone but would be OK.  Well, I stewed about that one for the rest of the time she was gone, actually not long.  Oldest is going on 14 and the house was secure but still- - .  Was ready to go up there when DIL called to say she was heading home.  Then up there this morning to take them to school at 6:30.  (DS our of town for job)  Oh, this sandwich generation!