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MN cowgirl
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Selling farm site today

We are doing a silent auction type thing...Have two very serious buyers, who I would be very happy with, and two semi-serious, who I don't know that well, but know they are good people. 


The winner gets  to rent the kids acres and my 80.  At a good price, I might add.  We did it this way to entice buyers.


I am thinking that I should be sad because of all the work we put into this place to build it up, but I find that it is quite the opposite as I am happy that someone will be building their new lives here.


Im sure the day I walk out of this house for the last time,  I will be crying, but I know I can come back anytime for a visit.  That is why we hand picked who we would let into the bidding...I know a neighbor , who never wanted much to do with us in the past, is mad because he wanted to buy it for his son, who is only 19, but maybe they should of been alittle friendlier in the past....When my son tried to date their daughter years ago, they grounded her until she agreed not to date him,( just one example.)


Im guessing it will be a roller coaster ride of emotions today.   Im trying to get my head in the right place for it...I guess I will just do alot of praying on the way into town and hope my angels are there to keep me on track...


Will let you know later, how it turned out... 






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Lisa Prater
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Re: Selling farm site today

What an interesting way to go about selling the place ... I'm anxious to hear how it all turns out! Hang in there!

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