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Shipping suspense

Mike handed me an orange slip of paper from the mailbox when we returned from Jenna's house about 2:30 this afternoon.  A registered parcel that they tried to deliver on Friday....


The only thing I have on order that might come by US Mail is the Celtic J pendant I ordered from Australia right after Jenna passed.  She had located this symbol, which was an initial from an ancient illuminated text called the Lindsfarne Gospels, and had it rendered in a tattoo on her forearm. 


Her best guy friend had it stored in his phone, from when she had sent it to him so he could see what she had chosen to have inked.  All of these kids love their body art.  I searched it out online and found the craftsman Down Under, a couple of weeks after her passing, and placed an order.  Each oen is custom made, so I expected a wait.


I am sure as can be that this is the parcel sitting in the post office until Monday.  This is a real test for my patience (not my long suite).  I've been wearing a silver box chain of Jenna's that I found in her bathroom the day after I ordered the pendant for over five months now. 


Monday is the estimated arrival date of the Kindle HD I ordered in early September, too.   It finally advanced from "Not yet shipped" to "Shipping soon" status on amazon today.  Yes, I've been checking every day for a week or two, to see when it was coming. 


I hope I don't miss Fed Ex while I am at the post office on Monday afternoon.  I feel like I did when I was a kid, waiting for my X-ray glasses for cereal boxtops. 


With the immediate gratification of online shopping and shipping, not much waiting is involved anymore.  A couple of days isn't all that much of a wait, I know; but, ten to twenty weeks is sort of a stretch these days.  I am working on patience - not a natural virtue for me - so, the pendant has been a good lesson in that pursuit. 


Do you enjoy the anticipation of awaiting the arrival of an item you have been promised, or does it drive you nuts?




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