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Shock therapy?

A few days ago, I decided that I need to weed out some of my objects in this house.  It will never be a minimalist place, i guess, but I have gone a bit too far in the "decorative" direction.  I have to admit that some spots are just plain cluttered with candles, plants, etc.  


It may be that we haven't put all the Christmas gifts away from the family room yet - mostly Mike's, which he has promised to address today - but it is starting to close in around me.  There are still a couple of Winn's big toys taking up space in there, too.  One stays to play with here, and one  goes to his  house.


Last night flipping through channels, I saw a couple of episodes of "Hoarders" on Lifetime.  Hit the record button twice, to grab the series for a while.  Mike and I actually watched one together...he had never watched one of these shows before.  I think he started seeing himself and his shop in one segment....


It is about forty degrees and raining again this morning...gray, gloppy mess outside everywhere you step, so I am staying in.  Watching one episode right now, while sipping espresso.  This is my dejunking motivator.  We are nowhere near that level of disorder, but seeing people who are gets my juices flowing to clear offmspcae here.


How  do you shock yourself into action, when necessary?




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