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Shopping spree on tap!

Daughter texted before we even got up this morning, saying she needs cinderblock. We were already planning to swing back by town, so added that stop to the list.

Our initial stop is to pick up well pipe for DIY well driving project we have decided to try. Saw these driving points on .lehman's a few years ago, and Mike said to order one a couple months ago.

He has been working with a local hardware store since then, trying to get shorter sections of pipe for driving. They finally have them and the couplers ready today. Meanwhile, I found out the puenpumatic post driver company makes a custom threaded cap and connector, just for driving two-inch well pipe.

With any luck the guys will get a new well driven this weekend. We will have maybe $500 in it, compared to $3500- 4000 for a commercial driller. No permit required fir sn agricultural of those lovely ag code exemptions.

While we were talking about the stops, 'Mike added that he needs " a few more tools" fkr the set in the work van. I knew this was coming, so got him to start dictating his shopping list. Mostly bigger wtenches and sockets, a better grease gun. Fine, fine!

What irked me is that when I said I need a couple sacks of lime fir the garden on NC, you would have thought that was going to clst our last yen dollars. Crimony! You cannot get anything to grow with the pH off!

Do you ever get bent over being last on the list?
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