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Showing our age?

Several conversations lately have really made me realize that sixty is not too far around the corner. Over a farewell lunch for a couple of families in TKD yesterday ( heading back to their countries of origin), one of my training buddies and I got talking about theshow " American Pickers.".

We had just seen it for the first time this week, and she is a regular viewer. It was a funny episode, wit the host Pickers discussing
whether some of the dealers they wanted to buy from in Louisiana were sellers or collectors...basically boarders in the second group.

She was taken with the inability of some of the junkyard and secondhand shop owners to sell their stuff. I mentioned that I had spoken with one of the young ladies who was leaving our do jhang, and asked if they were driving back to South America, or flying
there. Since they are flying, that means her whole family is leaving behind everything but clothing and a few small possessions.

Neither of us could picture doing that...and we placed it into the context of all the tornado damage in recent weeks. I said that for some people, giving up even one thing in a huge field of rusting parts feels like losing it all.

It is a time function issue, too. I made a group of my younger martial artists fall over laughing one day when we were talking about calculus and physics classes they were taking, Happened to mention a slide rule...then realized they had no clue what it was. Explaining how to extrapolate logarithms from printed charts cracked them is all graphing calculator buttons to them now

My tiny typewriter from last weekend's auction was another reality check. I took it Tuesday to the local office supply store. Fortunately, the owner is the dad of two more of my young TKD buddies, so he took the time to find a comparable ribbon, and put it onto my spools.

The lady in the shop looked up my machine online while I waited...and she found out that it was a 1930s vintage...and at that, newer
than the typewriter I had played with as a kid. We joked that words are all "processed" now.

I think the final and most telling recent encounter with age reality came when I saws a little girl playing with her handheld video game a few weeks ago. When I asked what game she was playing, I was told it was an old childhood favorite of mine, but with a twist. She asked me if I had ever played it, and I said, " Yes, but when I played Mr. Potato Head, I had to go to the pantry and get a
real potato!"

So, those are my reality checks that made me feel my age recently...any of your own you want to share?
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