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Sleepless in Scottsdale

Midnight body feels like 3 AM....

My mom did well on the flight out. I would strongly suggest that anyone travelling with a senior citizen book a wheelchair. An assistant wheeled her everywhere from plane to curbside in each airport. I was so pleased with the service. Except for the tip there was no extra charge and well worth it.

Weather is disappointing. I hoped for warm and sunny. It is actually warmer back East.

Did some holiday baking for my brother and nephew yesterday. They have been "bachelors" for 12 years. Nephew is now 18 and will graduate next spring. Very proud of them. It was not easy but they did it. They sure love and appreciate grandma's cooking.

I am hoping to get some good photos on Friday on a day trip up north. Maybe some shopping in Old Scottsdale tomorrow. I am driving a rental and the traffic is bad so unsure how far we will venture.

Caught up on here so maybe I can get back to sleep. Allergies bother me at night. Breathing better....'night.

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Re: Sleepless in Scottsdale

I know you have thought of this...but please, make sure some of those photos memorialize your mom and you enjoying this trip. She will get a thrill out of something you shoot, either framed or mounted into a travel album, for a gift, either at Christmas, or Mother's Day, or her next birthday. I did the one- hour developing thing for my folks' fiftieth anniversary party, and took them to them the next day...was surprised to see how much they enjoyed them, as though it was happening a second time.

Hope you continue to " breathe easy", and maybe the traffic won't be as bad away from the airport and in off- hours. Enjoy!
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