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Sleepyhead & ramblings

Waking up to glorious sunshine, after several inches of rain in the last few evenings, gray and drizzly mixed with thunderstorms all day yesterday. Attaching the view from my porch rocker, off to the pasture across the path. i think we are as green as Ireland here right now.

The cows are having breakfast, too. You can hear them cropping off and chewing the moist grass. Nice, coolish breeze, wind chime tinkling, porch flag flapping.

I'm puttering around, unpacking the stuff we bought at Sam's on our trip to town, after the framing was done. We sat out a hard storm in the Lowe's parking lot after filling the crew cab to the brim. It reminded me of so many times we have had to wait while the lightning passed.

That seems a metaphor for life, I think. We sometimes have to weather storms, stopping everything we thought we had to do, and shelter in a safe place, preferrably with those we love.

It is such a sweet feeling, to sit and talk in subdued voices, while the skies open up. Millions of volts of a light show flash and the crash of thunder shakes the very ground beneath you, but you feel secure, not oblivious to the threat, just knowing it will pass and you'll see sunshine on the other side.

So glad we had to share that one yesterday. Things like that bring you closer, don't they?

Mike has renewed confidence in me, evidently. So we could get the roof sheathing done quickly yesterday on the greenhouse, he started " walking the wall", leaving me on the ground to cut and pass up the pieces. It has been eons since he had asked me to be the " cut man" for a project.

I am not crazy about circular saws,but didn't want to slow us down by asking to set up the chop saw and its heavy bench and workstands. There is something about sawdust that I find addictive.

Today is setting the small section of tin roof in place, then sawing a dozen or so 2x4s, to get the sidewalks framed for the netting or screen wire...I haven't fonally decided which it will be yet. I doubt deer or tabbits will break in, but there are so e pesky young groundhogs here. One even makes his way to my front doorstep.

Have been thinking Mike should bring his mutt, Sue, up here with us. He says he would love to, but she would have to come inside, since there's no kennel here...maybe a good re-purpose of one of the old chicken coops?

She is such a joyful creature, just happy-go-lucky. So much puppy left in her, even at several years old. He says this place is missing its dog....

Guess that's the second deep thought for me today. It is good to be immature, at least in some ways on some days.

Hear the Mule rolling up, he's got that grounded short in the fence fixed. Going out to get high on some powdered pine right now.

Have a great one, my friends!
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Re: Sleepyhead & ramblings

I was thiking as I open this that this is the most beautiful morning here in a long time. Very cool in the high 50's. Soybeans across the road look better today but there are thousands of acres drowned out by river flooding and excess rain though out the state

Beautiful day for a church picnic to honor first responders and celebrate the fourth a little early. I am taking a crazy quilt from 1895. People paid to have their name on a piece of the quilt for a project for this church that my ancestors built. My grandfather then purchased the quilt. This church has been renewed and is very special. We are happy to be worshiping here now too.

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Re: Sleepyhead & ramblings

Sweet morning here too but as I posted below, not so great for Ronnie & I.  supposed to serve at mass last week & switched with another gal to serve.  Now today again I had to whisper into the phone for help.  Have taken myself off all future responsibilities for summer bible school and library help.  Pulling back on "mom care" also.  Time to take care of me first.  Why does there have to be a crash to get it into my brain?


Don't actually feel real bad so hope to dead head some flowers & putz in the garden-just a little!  My flowers look so sad.  Too much rain, not enough sun.  Just kind of bent over, beat up looking.  We will probably be begging for rain in August, but now we need a break.  The sun is so welcome and we are also trying to decide when to cut hay as there is more rain in the forecast.  Farming is a Vegas game.

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Re: Sleepyhead & ramblings

Spoke too soon.  Clouding up.  Rain in the forecast.  Hoped they would be wrong, but nope.


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