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Slept in!

Woke up and scuffled around a bit about five, but with no little boy to mind today, we were able to be away and not in a run. Rolled back over, and knew nothung until almost 7:30. What a bum!

Mike had already hit the road, I reached him on his cell, standing at the local diesel pump, filling up the mobile tank and heading for my farm. I apologized for flaking out...I slept almost eleven hours. Must have needed it!

Nice to have a do-nothing morning. Winn's preschool wrapped up last Monday, so he and I are moving into summertime mode, too. Some rain on the weather firecast for a few telling if Mike will start cuttingbhere this weekend or not, given that.

I hope to convince him to take a day or two to do stuff like mow the yards, open the pool, hang Winn's new tree swing, etc. i don't think a couple of days will make much difference on this next bit of hay.

Hope all have a great is gloriously sunny and just warm here right now...was actually cool from forties last night. More like April than May.
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