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Smoked meat? (Check out this smoker project!)

Do you have a smoker, and are you allowed to use it? My husband is the meat-smoking king at our house, and I'm not allowed near the smoker. (I kid, of course.) He is teaching our 9-year-old the art of the perfect smoked meat, however.


His best tip: Make a pan of beans and put them on the bottom shelf, underneat the meat. All those delicious smoky meat drippings will fall into the beans, making them even more smoky and delicious.


I just put together a slideshow for a great DIY smokehouse project on our sister site, Living the Country Life, and now I am CRAVING smoked meat something fierce!


Check out the slideshow ... it has easy-to-follow, step-by-step directions and photos, and the whole thing only costs around $170 to make: Click here to see it.

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