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Sore spots???

Trainer started tearing into the inflammation in my left shoulder and neck. Have had tension and a lot of burning pain there fir well over a decade, since a tailgater crashed into theback of our car at an i tersection. The chiropractor has never really resolved this, even though he put the displaced vertebrae back in line long ago.

At the end of stretching my lower half, which hurts, but which I have become adjusted to niw, she had me sit up in a chair. I am sure she spent at least ten minutes probing and pressing on various points. To be honest, it was so painful, I was on the verge of begging her to stop.

The burning I went in with was largely gone when she stopped. I have taken my aspirin, and am resting this bum area now...Winn came back over for about three hours, so daughter could take a trail ride. She tells me it may take weeks to get this area worked out. i guess you xannot let sonething go for many years, exoecting it to be fixed overnight.

The six weeks we have been working on my bad knee and stiff hips has been time well spent. On top of the stretching, we have massages scheduled tomorrow evening. I will be interested in seeing if the massage therapist feels sny difference in this shoukder then.

Dealing with sore spots seems to be about like fixing up your house...get one place right, another one crops up in your eye as needing improvement. As my knee gets better, the shoulder seems worse, although it is not really any worse than it's been in eons.

Maybe if we keep this up long enough, she will break all the tied-up connective tissues that bind me. If you had to pick one sore spot to address first, what would it be?
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