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Starting seed indoors..

...instead of outside, where they were supposed to be safe from frost a week ago. I pulled out the packets and starting mix, and 14 salad green cello containers I had been saving for a couple of months this morning at Jenna's. decided to give them all a head-start in the sunroom, while waiting for Mother Nature to wake up and smell the coffee.

Staying true to my purple passion for Jenna's memorial garden, There are some gorgeous morning glories, lupine, delphinium, and sweet peas going out there now. Already got some sunflowers going in pots for transplanting last week.

Dahlias and some other perennials should arrive late next week, online order. My buddy who manages garden at Lowe's told me to check his clearance cart tomorrow or Tuesday. I want some anemones and balloon flowers, and probably will add some daylilies this year.

Stark is replacing three knockout roses that bit the dust in this long, cold winter...the rest are really starting to take off. Their fruit trees are budding beautifully. Sorry if this opens as some of you are still fighting snow and ice...but gettingthings to grow is really making me feel better these days. If we ever get safely past frost, i hope to have some photos to share.

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