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Stick a fork in us!

We are DONE! Last bale of first cutting hay went in the barn here in Virginia at about 6

The gang got our last bales into the barn in Carolina yesterday. We actually pulled off the trick of haying in two stars at one time. Unbelievable!

Mike and I just finished one of his best bottles of wine, and we can look back and laugh, now that it's over. The store is cleaned out, except for the exercise equipment, which I have given to our daughter. The plumber called this afyernoon, begging off until Monday. Fine...we may have it done by then. Mike has to hit up the electrician in the morning.

I have one rosebush and some seeds for poppies and holloyhocks to plant tomorrow morning. Fun stuff.

Rain in five days on the next week's forecast. Maybe we' ll get lucky...rushed our butts off today, to unload the truck, trailer and my car, and get everything here raked, baled and in the barn.

Need a rainy day, to get all that stuff put away...and, to get second cutting coming our way. That's farm life, right?

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Re: Stick a fork in us!

It appears that they are over forecasting the weather now. Rain was forecast here for the past week and we got less than a half inch. Now it is to rain the next few days. Good thing people went ahead with their outside work. We do need some rain. Strawberries are smaller now which is okay as I don't know what to do with so many. The more I give away the more I have. Made jam for the first time in many years and need to make more today. The rest of the garden is not doing much. We replanted melons and corn.

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Re: Stick a fork in us!

Looks like five chances for rain in the week-ahead forecast.  None very high percentages, but maybe....


We need it in VA, not so much in NC.


We told the tenants to come and pick berries if they wanted some, but a lot are getting by us.  I don't care.  I am too tired to care, and have that rental building to get ready today. 


Am taking supplies and Winn to the park tomorrow, and picking up parts at dealer in that town.  Friends want to come up for the weekend at Jenna's, wanted us to go to an auction a couple hours from there and here. 


I need more used junk like I need another hole in my head.  We don't feel up to it, and I am trying to figure out how to gracefully say, "We are exhausted, and need to just lay about for a couple of days." 


Meanwhile, Mike has started making noises about weaning the last dozen calves, and moving their mamas...three road trips required.  That should be the last ones going that way, until the heifers go to the bull this winter.  


That light at the end of the tunnel may have been an oncoming train. 

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