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ABCD Farmer
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Still Enjoying Thanksgiving

Unfortunately, it is not the leftovers.  We had a really nice Thanksgiving.  It was the first time at our house and the first time with both sides of the family and our bachelor friend.  Our only niece couldn't make it, but otherwise all were here.  That only totals 11.  It was one of those days that traditions are made of.  I am sure we will do it again and it will be at our house because we are the only ones with room enough for everyone.  It is only 11 people, but we have a huge dining room and enough table space for everyone to sit together.  I think being able to have everyone at the table together and conversing is priceless.  I didn't put myself out to get it together and had it planned so that everything was on the table and no one had to run for anything. 


We had so much to be thankful for this year and it was my sister's idea to have a "real" Thanksgiving since we have been done with harvest for 3 weeks already.  It sure was a lot nicer than being in the combine on Thanksgiving.  Maybe when the calendar flips I will get in the Christmas mode, but for now, I think I will just continue being Thankful for a wonderful holiday.


PS, a lot of my leftovers went home with our bachelor friend and my in-laws.  I should have been more selfish and kept more for myself!! LOL

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Re: Still Enjoying Thanksgiving

Glad you had such a happy holiday.  I have to agree that Thanksgiving is just about family, and maybe a few good friends, especially those at loose ends, like your bachelor buddy. 

We sent a lot of leftovers off, too: one meal's worth with younger daughter, and a couple days' worth with son.  Told SIL and daughter here ot drop in and eat what ws here as much as they please...but at most, we kept at most four servings of everything, except the ham.  Mike sliced the rest of that up Sunday, and packed it for storage. 

Am with you on basking in the glow a while.  I was a bit weepy the day after our family dinner, since it sunk in hard this year that we are getting older, and they are not able to be here as much as I'd like.  It's all flown by in a flash. 

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Re: Still Enjoying Thanksgiving

Not be in the field was defently one of the best parts of Thanksgiving for me.  Glad yours wnt well!  We had good food and good conversations too oh and football too ;o)



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