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Strange phone calls ?

We check our answering machine on the house/ farm office landlords ne every other day or so.  I walked in and caught a call from "the IRS" a few days ago, threatened ng us with a lawsuit they were " in the process of filing."  


Of course, I hung up, knowing it is a common scam.  Reached to the answering machine, and the same voice had left five messages in less than two days.  They ate getting worse thsn Rachel from cardholder services. 


This trip back, I had a new one, very detailed,about money owed to me, and a number I was actually able to reach off the Caller ID.  Called them this morning, and they claim to have " between sixteen and eighteen thousand dollars," due to me.  I checked their website, and plan to continue checking them out as time permits.


I was thinking this was same money from the Va state treasury I claimed on in July, but I called and that check is finally coming, in fifteen days or less... They had exceeded the sixty-day wait from my proof of identity, which I know they received on a July 9th.  The agent there expedited it this morning.


i am still thinking this crowd that called yesterday had this claim in mind, but they had my name listed very differently, and said it was for a construction deposit...which I cannot ever recall making.  The catcher is you execute documents giving them a third of whatever they recover.  


I am holding onto y forms, which they emailed to me, until I have my check from the state treasury in hand.  I may do some further checking with the state treasury website, too, since it has a great search function.  


Just weird.  Anyone else ever have this kind of call or contact, or find yourself listed in the unclaimed property in the newspaper?  

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Re: Strange phone calls ?

I've received 4 calls from Saudi Arabia in the past two weeks. I haven't answered them because they come at odd hours and I was no doubt sleeping.


I have received two texts advising me that I have sent substantual checks to this bank. They been asking me what the checks were for before they deposit them. I've checked my banks and my check books  nothing wrong is apparent. So I didn't approach them either thinking that a response might increase the correspondence. I'm guessing that both are scams of one sort of another.


I know some of us elderly are a bit gullible and may well fall victim to some scam. I really think it is tragic when older women send hundreds of thousands of $$$ to crooks that have charmed them. Lonely hearts are quite vulnerable and easily victimized.


Yes I just recieved $2800 from the greatiowa treasury hunt. I had a commodityaccount that has been inactive for a while and I left the deposit just in case.

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Re: Strange phone calls ?

Coincidentally, our investment counselor called to touch base today.  I asked him about thise kind of thing...he advised I search online, or callthe state treasury.  I have already done all that, thus the check coming within two weeks.  


The treasury office yesterday referred to these as " heir finders", and said they have no affiliation to them.  I think taking a third is pretty stiff freight to pay, for what it takes to get the money freed up. 

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