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Stubborn enough... stick it out with my little buddy, and enforce a regular naptime, while his other grandparents are taking their tour. It was a scrap the first couple of weeks, but now, he says " Okay!" , when I turn off the lamps and turn on a cartoon that knocks him out.

My sweet Sophie cat hops up on the big chair with him, they snuggle and he giggles for a minute or so, and his eyelids start to droop.

He seemed to think he had a choice about napping or not. I have been told by our daughter that her MIL takes a several- hour nap every afternoon, but her FIL is in charge of Winn while she does. He evidently " can't get him to give up".

I let him choose: bed or chair, blue chair or tan chair, book or Tom&Jerry, cat or no cat, blanket or no blanket, which color blanket. He gets lots of choices, just not whether he is going to nap or not.

I say naptime is crucial to his health and everyone else's sanity. He is the sweetest child in the world with enough rest, and his Evil Twin possesses his body without it.

I talk to him about how good it feels to wake up from a good nap (so, I have heard...I only sleep during daylight if I am sick, but I am sixty). He actually came tiptoeing over to my chair when he woke up, and said, " I feel really good, MaMa!" I could just eat that sugar up with a spoon!

I try not to start a battle unless it is an important one. Getting 2-3 hours of sleep after lunchtime seems necessary for this kid's afternoon and evening to go well.

Is it just me, or aren't grownups supposed to be stubborn enough to see that kids do what's best for them?
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