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Stuck in the middle...

...this morning. Mike does the weekend walks of the hog buildings...we do alarm tests on Satrudays. He tells me there are a lot of " skipped" repairs. Okay, you are the boss...make the list and hand it to our manager/ daughter and her employee, and tell them to work them in this week.

After the chores, he comes theough the house, says we need to go to Lowe's for repair materials, so let's have supper in town. Great! When he starts naming off issues he found, none of them are repairs the crew does...he is the electrical man. So, WHO was supposed to fix tha stuff, then?

Just bite my tongue, and then daughter calls, because her father was short with her on the phone. He is bent because of the several repairs he needs to do this weekend, and we have a short trip planned later next week. Okay, it is clear to ke what's going on now.

I try get her to see that he's let some stuff slide for a while, and now he's feeling up against the day we want to leave for a couple of nights. He has been saying all summer that he wants to return to the apple orchard he and Jenna used to go picking in, when they rode bikes up in the Va mountains. I just called them yesterday, and the Jonagold section - his favorite - is just opening today. This week is it, or we miss them this year.

Then again, he's spent two hard weeks mowing, baling, repairing, and helping them every minute he can with their hay
crop, too. No wonder he's deferred a bit of maintenance...not all attributable to that, but at least some of it is.

All I wanted was to have a quiet morning, and I feel like I am caught between Obama and Putin, language and cultural gaps and all.
Do you ever just feel like saying, "I need a break from being the diplomat here?"

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