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Thought of you last night-DS/conservation officer was called out to Knox Co.  (There was a ice fishing drowning & a hunting fatality)  So sad.  He drew the hunting accident.  Long night as they gathered evidence & went to the hospital after he already put in a full day.  We had two deaths here also-one from our church & another was a 56 yr gal from our pharmacy.  God was busy bringing them home.

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Re: Suey-

I'd put both accidents at about 50 miles east of us.   Both were very sad and tragic.   In the hunting accident the father killed his own son.   The press says there is no way  he could have seen his son  or that the son could have seen his dad when the shot was taken.  The ice fishing accident...... the ice was supposedly only 3/4"  thick.   Just poor judgement on that one.  


In watching the obits lately  seemed like there were alot the last 2 weeks of December. 

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