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Sundae 64

Hi Sundae64,

I can't reply to your private message as it says you have duplicate screen names and it is ambiguous.  Wow, I've tried my whole life to be ambiguous and haven't made it yet!  LOL  I try to check one of the Sundae icons,to choose which one would get my message,  but it still won't let  a message go through. I don't know how to correct this  to make  it work.  I just figured out the private message thing,to even read the messages,  so that's why I'm late getting back to you anyway! It seems I have a ways to go to get the reply part mastered!



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Re: Sundae 64

Like the rest of us, glad to see your still around and feeling good I hope.  I too have been lacking in posting, just keeping busy, but not haveing anything exciting to post about.



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