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Sunny, 62 degrees...what is coming next? Natl No-Til Conference!

I finally feel like doing something.  Spent yesterday forcing myself to do year-end book work and tax planning.  I hate that job anyway and not feeling well didn't help but now I am done for a month until every document arrives.  I am glad to not have that hanging over my head. 


With the sun and warm temps I decided to put a leash on Sable and take her for a walk down to the covered bridge about 1/4 mile away.  Saw the neighbors out and caught up with them.  It has been cold and snowy here for almost a month so we have not seen too many people.  Seems like everyone was out this afternoon.


On the way home, I thought about the predicted plunging temps and change in weather and decided to take down the tree and decorations and get them stored back in the barn while the weather was like this.  I usually wait until after New Years but I knew I would kick myself later for not doing this during this warm spell.


An hour later, with some much appreciated help from Ed (of course Sable loves to ride anywhere in the truck even if it is just back and forth to the barn), it is all done.  The only thing left to pack up is my Nativity which I will leave up for another few days. 


It seems good to get things back to normal.  Next up is the National No-Til Conference which will be held in Cincinnati this year.  I won't be attending the conference but will go down for the banquet on the last night and to see all our friends who attend.  Ed is presenting for the 11th year in a row! 


Anyone on this forum attending this year???  I would love to meet you if you are!



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