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Sunny respite

After several cold, cloudy, and downright nasty rain-soaked days lately, today has been a glorious change-up. The breeze is a bit stiff, and it is only 52, but that is very nice when you are working on a sheltered southern slope in the afternoon.

Used up every sack of mulch I had on hand, building a new bed for next year's herbs and veggies. Made a small graveled path between that and the last one I laid in. Got the firepit stump seats heeled into the ground and graveled around, too. Broke up some more small branches that had fallen for firewood for the first campfire.

The whole thing is sort of growing by topsy rules, which is the best way for us...not planning anymore, just letting it happen as time and energy permit. It is funny how when you are out there in the fresh air and sunshine, the day just rushes away. No worries.

Hope those of you who have had rough weather lately get a break and a breather, too. I feel like a new woman...well, except for this old back! Chiro on the way back to Carolina, then a short stay with our little boy, before they leave for a friend's Christmas dinner. Picking up some REAL pizzeria pizza for our supper.

Life is good!
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