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dairy mom
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Re: Supremes on same sex marriage?

I grew up in Colorado and out there it was the Mexicans.  First time I moved out of my parents house was into a apartment sharing situation in which one of the girls was Mexican.  Also for a time we were letting a male Mexican friend of hers crash in the living room.  My grandmother just about had a fit.  But then she also had a lot to say about the summer I was 16 and went out with the local "pig farmer" while I was staying with grandma and grandpa.

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Re: Supremes on same sex marriage?

Well, being a pig farmer, I have felt more than my fair share of discrimination. We had to prepare our kids for it...they developed fairly thick skin.

You are our region, it was white towards black prejudice. I was taught that further west, in the mountains, it was more against Native Americans. Then, I learned about the anti-Hispanic sentiments further west of that. In school, we learned about the caste system in India.

If you can find a culture where there is truly no prejudice, I would like to know where it is...probably not on this planet.

It is always something, someone, isn't it?
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