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Sweetest movie I've seen in ages

Asked the DVR to record a Steve Carell movie said " comedy", and I like him. Had never heard of this one:"Seeking a Friend for the End of the World".

Between chores today, I flipped it on, and the humor led into a sweet - but not sappy - love story. Enough cameos and sight gags to make it really a neat movie to view. Irony of people trying to maintain order in the pointless way that I often do, slave to the rules that I am.

Not your usual take on the End Times. Not as predictable, not as dark.

I honestly found myself wanting to watch it twice, since I was sort of distracted and not catching the visual humor well enough the first time. Funny enough up front to keep me entertained, then I got attached to the two main characters enough to want to see how it ended.

Wondered if anyone else had seen it, and if you liked it as much as I did. If not, maybe you will enjoy it as much as I did.
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Re: Sweetest movie I've seen in ages

Finding a good movie lately  has not been easy.    So we've started trying out some of the TV series shown on Cable networks.   So I'll recomend as of right now. 

Homeland   alot like 24

Eureka   scifi but interest holding

Dowtown Abby... definitely

White Collar.   '


We've also got into  Under the Dome.   I don't like scarey stuff.  But,  so far this is not scarey.   Really makes us think.   We liked Jericho too..  Sorry to see it got cancelled.  

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Re: Sweetest movie I've seen in ages

Homeland comes back later in is stunning. We like Dexter, Shameless is extremely good, too, if you can take the language and sex. Breaking Bad...just watch it, amc channel. Sons of Anarchy is Shakespearean in plot-lines, based on an outlaw biker gang.

Mike has a written list of maybe fifty shows we pick up at different times of the year, which he had to note when we switched out DVRs a few weeks back. Major Crimes, which was a followup to The Closer. We just went back on amazon Prime and watched The Closer from its pilot. It is hard to recall them all. I think you would really like those last two. I want to watch the true-story Cold Justice, which starts soon.

I have recorded maybe six or eight more movies, besides the one I posted about. This holiday weekend had left us with no episodes of most of our favorites to watch for.a few days. Several are ending seasons, a couple the series.

Let me know what you are liking this fall, please. We have found some good shows that we missed earlier on, and have these demand subscriptions to call them up now. I am still watching Lost every once in a while at Jenna's...just haven't gotten to stay much, and on't for the next sunny week, due to haying ahead. Got to see how that one ends....
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