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Talk About Mixed Feelings

Our prayers have been answered with the news that DSIL landed a job with NASA!  Of coure we are very proud of him and happy for our DD and family.  It has been a long 5 years since he returned from active duty in Iraq and set about earning his engineering degree.  He has looking for job since graduating last May and this was indeed wonderful news. 


The job is in Cleveland about 3.5 hours from here so that means that three of the grandest grands a grandparent could ever ask for are moving away.  While it is not across the country it still is not 15 minutes away.  No more dropping by or quick trips for ice cream or monkeys jumping on the guest room bed.  So my emotions are sure back and forth. 


They will move and we will adjust and every visit here or there will become that much more precious.  I think I always knew in the back of my mind that this could happen but going up to the new craft room with the special supplies and storage for the grands and walking the orchard and planning the new play gym is bittersweet.  The cousins will not grow up together.  That is the sad reality.


I had three living grandparents when I was a child.  But they all lived an 8 hour drive away and money was tight.  We didn't see them very much.  Grandma died when I was 10, Grandpa died when I was 14 and my other grandfather died when I was a brand new mother at age 20.  Even though I was 10 when Grandma died, I probably only spent a total of 30 days actually with her as a child.  Just long enough to love her to pieces and be devastated at the loss.  I always felt a void in my life that I was determined that my own grands would never have. 


DGS is only 5 and he spends a lot of time with his paternal grandparents, his maternal grandma and us.  He is going to be losing a very special part of his life.  And I am sad for him and sad for us. 



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Re: Talk About Mixed Feelings

That's good news LuAnn,  Now I don't wish this to be controversial,  But who exactly answered your prayers.    Or is that just a figure of speech, Smiley Indifferent

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Re: Talk About Mixed Feelings

We have prayed to God since his graduation that he would find a job.  Like any other blessing in our lives, we see it as a gift from God.  I took your question in the spirit in which it was intended.  I never take offense to a sincere question about faith beliefs. 

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Re: Talk About Mixed Feelings

I think you have put this into the proper perspective.  It is bittersweet.  You just need to stitch on some longer apron strings!!!!

At least the grands are old enough to know and remember good times living close by, and you and Ed are young and healthy enough  to continue the long-distance relationship with them by traveling that far as muhc as you can.  Meanwhile, maybe you could think of ways to utilize the Internet for "seeing" them. 

Maybe gift them with one of the "playsport" digital cameras and ask them to e-mail vidoe clips of games and recitals, or just hello messages every so often.  They do not require tapes or discs to use, and have rechargeable batteries, so no expense to use them.  A webcam might allow you to stay in touch, too. 

I know it's not the same, but it is going to be different from here on out.  I know you well enough to know that you will make the most of this change, too. 

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Re: Talk About Mixed Feelings

Your post just made me realize how lucky I am. I have kept my twin grandchildren all week. This is the first week since May that we have not been to the hospital with Caleb, and I am wore out. I sit down to read the post and you just made me know how lucky I am to have mine just down the road. Kay was right, use the internet to keep in touch. ALso get a book that you can record your voice that they can hear every day. My daughter gave one for Christmas to the twins and they listen to it every day. This is where quality time will be more important than quanity.

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