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dairy mom
Senior Contributor

Re: Taxes

wow just read this post Linda.

Sorry but what hit me was you didn't make a crop therefore you made money you wouldn't have made otherwise.

No wonder every body thinks the farm programs are screwed up.

Guess that is the beauty of insurance and why people spend that money.

I don't think we've ever had a claim except when the government declared us in a disaster area which then netted us some even though the crop suited our purposes.  In fact I think hubby rarely(maybe never) buys crop insurance.  I'm sure I don't understand it all and don't really participate in that end of things.  Our corn is for silage and if we get more than we need then he lets it dry down they combine it and then some how that represents the corn the feed mill mixes for us for part of the year.  If we don't get enough silage then we have either boughten standing corn to chop or even one year bought silage and blew it into the silos in the middle of the winter.

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