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Tech support and no success

Was resting in the house yesterday afternoon for a while, after getting up early, training in TKD, and having a bit of lunch.  Mike and our youngest daughter had eaten, and then gone out for a ride on the bikes, getting their nerve up to take a real riding vacation in a couple of weeks....

I booked a cabin in the VA mountains for a few days last fall,. and then LG went critical and we had to postpone the reservation.  In the meantime, the plan for nursing school ensued, and I am thus unavailable to make the trip; so, the two of them cooked up a mountain riding plan, based out of a c. 1933 cabin in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and Shenandoah Valley.  We ordered some gazetteers for VA and WV off of amazon last night, and they were scouting out wineries and orchards, among other points of interest on her laptop. 

My afternoon kind fo went to pot when the phone rang, with the Super Geek of the publishing company for that problem interactive software that has been causing me a headache since last Sunday night.  With my permission and keyboard responses, he took remote control of my laptop, and we worked for what seemed like forever on different debuggers, firewall disabling, etc. 

Four hours later, we had changed things - I cannot even get the page to pop up anymore, instead of it simply not loading once it does.  Meanwhile, I now have about twelve hours of troubleshooting into the thing, and my homework assignemtn is still not done.  I had planned to read and abstract my article for the teaching plan I have to develop for one of the website's characters.  

Got up this morning, and read about vaccines, thimerosal (a mercury-containing vaccine preservative) and autism, and the body of worldwide evicene tha there is no link among the elements, as has been widely rumored.  Now, I have to sit down and figure out how to get the message of importance of immunizations across to the 17-year-old single mother of a one-month old child, who is my hypothetical client. 

She lives with her drug-abusing 23-year-old boyfriend - who is not the baby's father - and although she and her mother do not get along, Grandma keeps the child so she can work and go to school (thought of you, soilbabe!)  Not much prenatal care, but the baby was born okay, so we need to concentrate on getting him in for regular well baby visits and his immunizations. 

I keep thinking how much easier this whole workload of assignments - which were dropped in on top of our regular, lengthy readings - would have been, if I had been able to just spend about twelve less hours with tech support, driving everywhere to test out the problem on different servers and different computers, enlarging tiny, read-only e-mails so I can try to read them, etc. 

I told my friend who sent those to me that I almost feel as though someone is testing my problem-solving skills.  So help me, if I found out that was the case, I think I would have to muster every shred of my self-control to keep from blowing my stack. 

Am catching alarm calls from the farm on Mike's weekly test run right now.  Hope to have a few minutes to get in a quick bubble bath, when the last one is done.  I have a date with my tech buddy again at eleven today. I plan to pack a lunch....

Please wish me luck on solving this puzzle.  When the screen timer on our shared session turned past three hours yesterday, I joked about how long it was taking, and the tech said, "Oh, sometimes this can go on for weeks." 

So much for the wonders of technology....