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Tell Me Your Christmas Traditions

I'm posting this question here because in the culture I grew up in, the women are the bearers of the family traditions.  Not to say that the men don't have their say and often their way, but women tend to keep the continuity of family together.  I suppose other cultures are different.  Anyway, I'm curious about what traditions you find help define your holidays.


Since we first got married, I and any kids went out and got a natural Christmas tree, often cutting one, and Mom and the kids decorated it.  Gifts get wrapped and under the tree for opening on Christmas eve, after Santa was outed.  Before that we had Santa gifts in the morning for the kids.  Since I was a kid, doing a jugsaw puzzle was a tradition which I still keep in my family.  We usually get an incredibly tough 3,000 piece puzzle that takes weeks and usually months to complete.  Our main meal on Christmas Day  is about 1 o'clock or so.  I would grab the kids and we'd do the dishes and put the leftovers away while Mom sat down - she earned it.  We don't have any big parties, drinking or that sort of thing - the wife likes a glass of wine with dinner and sometimes when the kids are home she'll make some German drinks.

We have some Christmas music but often listen to it on the TV channel now.  The parades, the ball games, etc.  When I reminsice, I think of the many subtle ways things have changed from when I was a young boy til now that I'm a grandfather - the changes seem slow but when you look back you find things were more different than you'd have first thought.  Traditions are comforting and satisfying and a way to keep the family together, I think.