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The LAST 1099...

...I can think of will not arrive in time for the accountant appointment, so I set the investment guy to figuring it up and making a statement for the CPA to utilize today. Ought to arrive by email tomorrow. 


Other than that, I have gotten everything accounted for, I believe.  This year is going to HURT!  Both states, which I supposed to mean we had a good year, I think!  At least it was a more income than expense year on rental houses, for starters.  That is a good sign. 


The farm porduced very well here.  No telling what 2014 will bring. 


Hope all of you are making progress, and can stand the sting of supporting this country for another year.  I am going to play with my grandchild tomorrow, and we are going to the local rescue organization, to hopefully adopt a cat (or probably two) in the afternoon. 

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