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The Stockings Are (Finally) Hung

I am done wrapping and the grands' stockings are filled and hung on the fireplace.  My craft room that has been a chaotic wrapping center for the past week is finally orderly and ready for the kids to do crafts on Monday when our family will gather here for our celebration.


Ed and I will go to his cousin's tonight after 5 o'clock Mass.  The gathering there is getting smaller and smaller with the younger ones creating families/traditions of their own and the older ones passing away.  Seems like we lose an aunt or uncle each year. 


I am making my mother's traditoinal meat pie for Ed and I for Christmas Day dinner.  We will have ham and all the trimmings on Monday wih the kids.  So between now and Monday I have virtually no cooking or baking to do.  I will probably assemble some dishes tomorrow to get a jump on things for Monday but no all out cooking for a couple of days.


I am off until January 3.....11 days of pure bliss....going to sleep in, read, get spa services, craft, work out and tan if I can fit it in.....I am going to be a self-indulgent, pampered little character until I go back to work!  And no apologies for it, either!  This past two months have been a bear and, with the facility shut down for the week, I can actually relax without worries.


I love the drive to Ed's cousin's tonight.  We have to go past a mall and it is always so cool to see it dark and closed and no brings the quiet and peace into our life....I always like that feeling.


Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!  LuAnn

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Re: The Stockings Are (Finally) Hung

Wish I could say the same-you sound so organized!!  I still have a few gifts to wrap or bag.  Had the grandkids for awhile today and lost a bit of time today.  Made sugar cookies w/them.  With 3 of them trying to mix dough I made a mistake & converged two recipes into one.  chaos.  LOL  It tastes good tho.  Didn't want some of the gifts out for them to "guess" because they're much too smart so I'll wrap when I get off of here.


I finally gave in & went to the dr. yesterday for an antibiotic for bronchitis/sinus infection.  Last night I felt like that elephant was sitting on my chest instead of the lady in the ad on TV.  So I'm pretty slow moving & I'm not worrying about it frankly.


I'm a little disgruntled about our family going to mass.  My mom wanted a memorial mass for my dad & grandpa's birthday (Dec. 25) so I'll be going with her tomorrow at 9 a.m. (right during chores) while my entire family goes tonight.  She'll probably go both times.  I truthfully feel it's more important to have the family together (impossible tomorrow morning with kids & chores) than to be particular about the exact day of their birthday celebrations.  This is the first yr. she's been able to do it.  At least I'm not having dinner tomorrow!


Our family is also shrinking & growing.  All my husbands cousins used to get together w/their parents.  Now the parents are passed, cousins married & now grandparents themselves leaving everyone to their own celebration.

Hopefully maybe this summer we can get together-we did manage a small one last yr.  Everyone's story is the same I think.  We just have to make new memories while cherishing the old.


BTW:  regarding grandchildren + sugar cookies + sprinkles + parchment paper=a good thing!





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Re: The Stockings Are (Finally) Hung

I am jealous too. You deserve the spa time, given all you've been through lately. I finally have two days off from the route. Thank goodness there has been good weather. My gifts have all been given early, but the thank-you notes have been on hold until this weekend. Just hope that all givers are patient with me.

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Re: The Stockings Are (Finally) Hung

Linda, thanks for the cookie baking tips.  I want to be a cookie baking grandma, the way Mike's mom was when the kids were growing up.  


The gifts are all under the tree.  That looks not much better than Charlie Brown's little stick with one red ball on it this year, I am afraid.   Due to the family's changes and the mess in the house, I  was too beat to shop much.  We opted to give fewer packages, and add in some money in the stockings this year. 


Mike and I  did have fun assembling Winn's wagon this afternoon.  He has been a peach today, doing all sorts of small things I asked him to do, three or four at a time.  Moved a phone jack that has been bugging me for 17 years, did the rest of the plumbing on the new sinks, hauled some stuff from the back room to the store for use up there.  Burned probably fifty boxes that had accumulated in recent months.  Made a dent in the mess, at least. 


I got to deliver some small gifts to our employee and his family this afternoon.  Nothing big, just a little something for each one, but they are so appreciative.  I was stunned when he reached out to shake my hand, then gave me a big old bear hug...they all did.  Maybe we are not such bad bosses after all....


The kids are gathering here at ten in the morning, so I am doing hot spiced cider in the  crockpot tonight, some blueberry muffins, ham rolls etc., in the morning.  Nothing big, since everyone has more gatherings from mid-afternoon on. 


It is wonderful to look at the mantle, and see a new stocking hanging there this Christmas. 


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