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MN cowgirl
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The best book!!!

If you have never read The Five Lanuages, U need to get this book.  If I had read this years ago, it might have saved my marriage.

It is written by Gary Chapman.  I checked it out of the library after several friends in my Beginning Experience group recommended it.   It tells of the 5 languages that people use to express their love for their mate.   Each one of us has a language that we want our mate to use to show us that they love us. 


Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Recieving Gifts, Acts of Service and Physical Touch. 


After reading the book and taking the test at the end, I found that Quality time is the main thing I need to keep my Love Tank full.


Even if your marriage is ok, you could make it better by reading this.  I plan on buying several copies and giving them as wedding gifts.


Chapman also has books about the 5 lanuages of Children and one about Teenagers.  I might have to order a copy of those too to give as gifts.  

Where was this book 20 years ago?



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