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The last project... truly finish the re-dos at Jenna's house got going yesterday. My helper has agreed to tile the kitchen cabinet top in her house for me this fall. That was the last one of her planned/ daydreamed fixes, and after living with the old stainless kitchen sink for two years now, I can see why she wanted it re-done.

I planned my morning after the girls and Winn left for their weekend of barrel racing, taking the truck to Lowe's in town for mulch sacks, then on up the interstate to Richmond. The Morris Tile store in Richmond is like Wonderland to my Alice. Jenna took me there three years ago this fall, to find the right thing for my Carolina kitchen.

I knew I wanted something along the same lines...hand-molded, but in blue instead of burgundy. The samples were right beside each other on the chip board when I got there yesterday. This one is a deep purplish blue, with periwinkle and grayish highlights mingled in the glaze...never saw anything like it.

This and a nice, shiny, deep sink will go in place come October. The tile will take that long to come to Virginia from guess is they haven't got enough in stock at the factory, and they'll ship it after another kiln run. At least we will have the kitchen next door to tide us over, while the guys deconstruct the ratty laminate butcher block top in there now.

After that, the house is done! I cannot remember anything else she ever dreamed out loud about there. It feels sort of sad, to have no new ideas from her imagination to guide me. I realize now that's been one more way for me to keep her, I guess this is one more step in the process of accepting her leaving us.

Going up in a while, to meet the Bug Man next door. Helper should be there today, painting details. Son's coming by, to mow the grass. Mike's been setting fenceposts here in Carolina all week, lowering lagoons after all the heavy rains last week.

I will be weeding, pulling out spent squash vines, getting the garden ready for the fall veggies. Winn and I had a special snack Wednesday evening...fresh watermelon he picked himself. We split it on his Aunt Jenna's front porch, sat down with our knives, and simply pigged out on the sweet, pink flesh.

Life goes on....

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Re: The last project...

Tile sounds great! Wondering if I could get DH to put tile on my counter tops although I have such a small area it usually has lots of stuff on it. It does need replacing. But I should not bring that up as there a other more important tasks on his list.

We are finally picking our watermelons too but they are not as good as usual due to this unusual cool wet weather. Cantelopes were no sweet either and spoiled quickly. We did have lots of good sweet corn. Cool wet weather continues.

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