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Re: Things you never want to see/think

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The will is what worries me.

Putting it bluntly I think there are many Americans who no longer care about America.  They care about themselves.  As long as they have plenty of anything.  Plenty of money, plenty of the goods they want and the power to keep making plenty of what ever it is they think they want, they are willing to see all the good things about this country go by the wayside.

They do not see that what made America good and great is that every body mattered.  Every body in some way shared in the American dream.  Even if it was just believing that because we live in America the possibility of doing and accomplishing anything was there.  I think probably even the poorest of the poor, the ones we called lazy and shiftless, the drug addicts and everyone with problems, thinks "If I can just get a break, if I can just conquer this problem,  I live in America and I can do better."

But then Christ told us "the poor are with us always".  So part of what has made America great has been the willingness to help those who cannot, for what ever reason help themselves.

They do not see that every single American having a fire department, police department, social services department and etc. available to them if they need them is what made this country great.

They do not see that having the resources to help whomever, where ever catastrophe strikes is so important to what makes America  America.

They are willing to let those things go by the wayside so they can continue to accumulate way more than needed.


If reason cannot be asserted we will end up a country looking like feudal Europe.  Not the place I want the future generations of my family to live.